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Friday, April 22, 2005

Putting the Account in Accountability

I am willing to delete this blog, if someone can show me another way to hold the church (CBC, The Well) accountable. I have run out of things to say, but everytime I think about quitting the blog, someone like LucyGirl posts a comment, and then I realize that this blog is the only thing holding City Bible accountable for their actions.

Still haven't found a wife

I apologize if this blog has lost it's humor. I'm just not that motivated to make fun of CBC any more. I'm out of ideas. Anyway, a reader asked me to write about my search for a wife, so perhaps I'll stay on that theme for while... anyway, here are some thoughts. As a young Christian man, I have always known that it is my duty to find a wife and find a wife quickly. Christians will tell you that it is okay to be single, but they do not really believe it. If you are 30 and you are not married, then you "must" have serious flaws. When young Christians finally get married, you can practically see the relief on their face. You can tell they are thinking, "Thank God. I'm not part of that desperate singles group anymore." This is not the best reason to get married if you ask me, but whatever... As for me, I'm 27 years old, 30 is fast approaching, and the closest thing I have to a wife is the girl on the bus who insists on sitting next to me every morning. (I've tried every passive aggressive trick I know to ditch her: ignoring her, staring out the window, pretending to be sick, giving her the "are you kidding me" stare. None of it works. I even gave her a fake phone number. But she insisted on calling the number on the bus. And when my cell phone which I was holding in my hand, didn't ring, she got kind of suspicious. Not suspicious enough to leave me alone, just suspicious enough to keep giving me dirty looks when she sits next to me.) Nevertheless, the real reason I have not found a wife is because I do not treat "marriage" like it is a game of hide and seek. I'm not looking for my wife behind every tree and bush. I know it is hard for married people to believe, because they are so "unbelievably happy" (NOT). But I rather like being single. I spent 18 years of my life in a house with seven kids, two parents, every animal known to man, and multiple homeless people that my father was trying to help. By the time I left home at 18, I was just so happy to be alone, I would kick girls out of my room in college. They would give me that "we're-going-to-spend-every-minute-of-every-day-together" look, and I would give them the "you-look-just-like-Glenn-Close-from-Basic-Instinct" look and then run out the back. In addition, the divorce rate in America is over %50. You know why. It's not the moral degredation of society. It is because people are getting married for all the wrong reasons. They are getting married because they don't want to be alone or because they feel they are supposed to be married. Again, not good reasons TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH SOMEONE! Anyway, I'm not worried. I will get married, and I will marry my best friend. It's just that unfortunately, at this point, all of my best friends have been guys and I'm not gay. But I know I will find a wife who is perfect for me. And maybe I won't "find" her until I am 40. But if it takes that long, so be it. I'll wait. There's no rush; my happiness is too valuable. Anyway, those are currently my thoughts on marriage. Immature perhaps, but that's me. (Side note: I'm toying with the idea of joining e-harmony and then blogging the results of all my dates? That would be a fun blog don't you think? I would obviously keep the girls names anonymous, to protect the innocent. But it still might be fun. Tell me what you think.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Follow up

If I was getting paid for this blog, I would transfer all my checks to Lucygirl. She writes from such an honest point of view, I think everyone should read her comments. I'm back... First of all, I wanted to thank the webmaster for posting my comment. I really hope that some of the leadership from CBC happen to read my message so that they can get a glimpse of what people go through, after being fired from that horrible place. There are so many stories of people being "let-go" from CBC because they began to attend another church (Bob MacGregor's, Bob Isabell, or Joel Hjerdstedt's churches). There are also several incidences of people getting laid-off due to budget cuts, that hapopen to be in their 50's. One recent lay-off (I probably shouldn't even mention his name) was J.D. This man, in his 50's, had worked for CBC for years! (probably about 30 yrs.) Not only that, but he had been a full-time missionary for years at a time, and has additionally spent numerous years serving CBC. Why him??? What is he supposed to do at this age for work? I just don't know what's going through the minds of these idiots that run that place. There are many more people and many more stories (that are true), but there's just not enough space for me to write all about it. My family actually considered suing CBC after they fired my mom, but she felt guilty at the thought of it. She had been taught for so long that that place was so holy and right, that suing just seemed like an impossible thing for her to do. My poor mom was so depressed for over a year after the incident. How do they expect a person in their 50's to go out and get a job??? It's ridiculous. At least one good thing did come from the whole experience and that is that my whole family's eyes were finally opened and for the first time, we saw what that place was really all about. None of us ever want to step foot into that place again. This is what happens when you run your church like a business. Editors note (April 22): I recognize that this post makes some fairly harsh accusations, while also including some personal references, which is something I usually try to avoid. However, this isn't my story, it's Lucygirl's story. And I figured, since it's her story, she can share it however she feels best. As for being sued... it's not libel, if its true. And I believe its true.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Who would Jesus fire?

I know I just wrote how I felt bad for CBC and didn't want to kick them when they were down, but I thought this was an interesting comment from a reader named lucygirl. It was written in response to a statement that CBC requires all its staff to tithe. I can vouch for this! My mother used to work at that damn school and was called in because they knew that my parents were not tithing the full amount, as required by CBC. My dad felt like he couldn't tithe from his check, because he needed to support the family, but my mom went ahead and tithed from her CCS check because she had to. This wasn't good enough for CBC though. They figured that my parents should be tithing more, since they both were working. Since when is tithing anyone's business besides between God and the tither? City Business has become so corrupt!You know, my mom was eventually fired from that place (you might be able to figure out who she was) because she went to another church, which was actually somewhat affiliated with CBC. The church was in the red and PF decided that someone had to be cut from the school. So, who do they pick? A person who devoted many years there and grew up in the church. The school told her that she was picked because they THOUGHT that she would retire soon anyway, and they figured that my parents could afford a lay-off, as compared to some of the other people working there. However, we know that the real reason was because of changing churches, as she had just spoken to the principal not to long before the firing, about the change. CBC doesn't realize or even care about the impact that they have on peoples lives. They just beg for people's money and when they figure they can't squeeze anymore from them, they just throw them away.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Spring Break

Recently the following comments were posted on the blog: "Where you at, Cat? We're worried that while reviewing your Solemn Assembly audio tapes you've become disheartened and indifferent toward CBC's propaganda." and "We want Cat. We want Cat." Please allow me to respond. I am not indifferent toward CBC's propaganda. It's just that when I saw their new conference and saw what they were charging, I genuinely felt sorry for them. And I don't want to kick them when they are down. And while I can not believe people still attend CBC. If they want to go to a church where the emphasis is on money and success, then fine. I think its crazy, but that's their choice. And so be it. Secondly, I have to admit that I am not that impressed with JP's church The Well. The leadership at The Well refused to admit that this blog did any good. This blog isn't perfect, nor is the manner in which we portray the church. But this blog has given a lot of ex-CBC members a sense of community. It has reassured them that they are not alone in their beliefs. Unfortuantely, The Well does not care about those people. They would rather support "the church" then help people who have been hurt by "the church." It's sad really. And when I say "The Well is just CBC for people who want to drink alcohol." I'm saying, The Well is not that much different from CBC. It's the same institutional leadership that values church over people.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Something to read while I'm out "finding" a wife.

I'm going to remember that "wife" comment for the rest of my life. That one statement sums up everything I dislike (and like) about CBC and its congregation. (Read the comment section in Swan Song) Anyway, in my haste to fire off a post poking fun at JP and Welly Welly, I forgot to include the link for CBC's new conference. So here it is: Check it out. It's incredible. For the first time in my life, I actually pity the leaders at CBC. They are so hard up for cash, they have to sell their friendship and hospitality. There was a time when Pastors, invited people into their homes because they genuinely had a heart for their congregation. But, apparently that time is gone. C'est la vie.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Swan Song

Recently, the church leadership at The Well asked Johnpaul (Reformed Pope) to stop blogging. They felt this blog was creating a rift between The Well and City Bible Church. They felt their church was becoming an anti-City Bible church. (You think? I could have told you that. Two years ago I went to The Well and it was all ex-City Bible members. If you ask me The Well is just City Bible for people who like to booze it up. But I'll blog my thoughts on that later.) Nevertheless, no sooner does JP tell me he's quitting the blog, than he sends me the following email. So enjoy this post, as it will be Reformed Pope's last. Justin, They get it. I hate it, but they get it. Conferences make money. This one may take the cake though. City Bible Church is holding:

“The TOTAL LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE. This conference is an uncensored, practical and up-close look at leadership in the local church.”

A one week conference cost $250.00 each.

However if you want to also participate in Leadership Uncensored (I know, I can’t stop laughing either) then you pay an additional $75.00. PER NIGHT. That’s right, per night. There are 3 Uncensored nights for $75 each. The good news is that you can get PBC credit for going (an extra $100). So, total cost (excluding parking) Conference $250 PBC credit $100 Uncensored $225 Total Cost $575

Also, the first Leadership Uncensored is hosted by PF @ HIS HOME. And there it is.... Farewell, sweet pope. You will be missed. (Somewhere there is a joke about art mimicing life, but at this point, I'm fresh out of Van Gogh jokes.)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pope's Parting

Is it just me, or is the media and the Catholic Church going a little overboard in its coverage and attention to the Pope's death? It is as though God has died. I poke fun at City Bible for its hypocrisy, but, at this point, I am not too impressed with Catholics either. Note to Catholics, "THE POPE ISN'T GOD!" He's just a smart guy with a lot of power, and a cool pointy hat.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We don't write the blog, They do

The following is the email sent out by CBC advertising their Men's Breakfast: What are you doing this coming Saturday morning? Some of you might be planning to fish. Others of you might have a tee time lined up. Still others might be planning to do some work around the house. But how many of you would change your plans if you knew there was an event coming that would allow you to experience the life-changing presence of God? This Saturday morning you could encounter the presence of God. And in His presence your life could be strengthened, encouraged and changed for the better. Yep - you could go fishing or golfing, or work around the house, but there is little chance for God to change your life through those activities. Instead, why don't you put yourself in the life-changing presence of God and see what God might do in you. Who knows, maybe you will emerge from the breakfast a different man from when you arrived. So make your plans today - let's experience the presence of God together. Where - East Campus, Ivy Hall When - This Saturday (April 9), 8:00 a.m. Cost - $5.00

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sausage and Freedom

I went to check out CBC’s website and on the front page there is a banner advertising Freedom. There is an outline of a bunch of guys and then in large red letters it says “FREEDOM” underneath is written the words “BE LOUD. BE POSITIVE. BE BOLD. BE FREE.” It’s happening April 9th and only costs $5. Instantly I thought they must be starting a new conference called “Freedom”, but as I looked a little closer I found out that is actually a men’s breakfast. A men’s breakfast? Now I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of anyone naming there “men’s breakfast” anything, but “Men’s Breakfast”… I take that back, I think I went to one called “Father and Son breakfast”. Anyways, I was reading this and started to wonder why you would name your men’s breakfast FREEDOM? What is so FREEING about strawberry waffles? I don’t get it. “Yes, I’ll take my eggs scrabbled and can you put a little FREEDOM on top?” “How does your FREEDOM taste?” “Not bad, it could use a little syrup though” “Excuse me, waiter, there’s a hair in my FREEDOM”. Ok, enough jokes. I am surprised that they are charging $5, but then again Freedom is never free.